Compliance and Risk


Schools are required to comply with a raft of legislation and statutory requirements. In the most part these are designed to help school leadership manage and control risk and keep everyone safe. We offer a range of services which help you understand your obligations, track compliance and give leaders and governors assurance that everything is in order.

  • Safer Recruitment Audit

  • 'It is vital that schools and colleges create a culture of safe recruitment and, as part of that, adopt recruitment procedures that help deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children' Keeping Children Safe In Education 2020 Part Three.  We offer an audit of staff files, single central record and associated recruitment procedures to give you the assurance that you are compliant with safer recruitment processes.

  • Risk Register

  • Working with the Governing Body and SLT to compile and/or maintain a Risk Register, as required by the E.S.F.A.  Academies Financial Handbook 2020.

  • Lock down procedure

  • As part of its emergency plan a school should have a well-rehearsed lock down procedure. This would be activated in the event of receiving an alert of a local risk e.g. fire in the vicinity of the school, or malicious intruder on site. Given the unique layout of each school’s site a customised procedure would be developed with the Governing Body and SLT of the school.

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Producing and/or updating a fire risk assessment and associated remedial action plan.

  • Health and Safety Inspection

  • Inspections of school sites and/or activities to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation and Approved Codes of Practice (A.C.o.P).  Producing a report for Governing Body and SLT with recommended actions to ensure compliance

  • Statutory Publication Requirements

  • Checking that the schools website and prospectus complies with the -  School Information (Amendment) Regulations 2012 and 2016. 

  • Disability Access Survey

  • Inspecting the school site and its educational offer to assess how ‘disabled friendly’ and accessible it is. Production of report and action plan.

  • Site Security Survey

  • Inspection of school site from a security/safeguarding perspective, identifying areas of weakness which could be exploited and drawing up an action plan.

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