Business Manager with over 30 years’ experience in education, finance, health care & public sector. Passionate about making a difference to people’s lives through organisational improvement. Committed to continuous professional development. Now offering School Business Management Interim and /or consultancy services in South & West Yorkshire, North Derbyshire, North Notts, Manchester & Peak District


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* In Supporting the School Improvement Plan

The resources of a school (staff, buildings, land, money) need to support (but not dictate) the School Improvement Agenda. The SBM or Bursar has a vital role,  in working alongside Governors and Senior Team in delivering educational excellence

* School business managers make a significant contribution to the effective financial management of a school, saving on average 20–33 per cent of a head teacher’s time and covering their own salary in savings. Obtaining the services (shared or full time) of a high quality business manager should be a priority for all governors and head teachers ...” The Importance of Teaching, Schools White Paper 2010

* In achieving 'Value for Money' (VfM)

The Cabinet Office describes Value for Money as Economy, Efficiency and Effectiveness. Most of us when thinking of VfM will think imediately of Economy - am I getting the best price for this. The skilled SBM professional will also ask am I buying the right thing (Efficiency) and what difference will it make (Effectiveness)

* Bringing a fresh perspective

In most cases the SBM professional is the only 'non-teacher' sitting at the SLT table. This enables them to give a fresh perspective on matters.

* Keeping us legal!

Most Head teachers would describe the SBM as the schools' 'Watch Dog'! The one who sounds the warning when a proposed course of action may lead to an unnaceptable level of risk.

* A unique skill set

The school business manager brings a skill set to the senior team that other members dont have and perhaps dont want to have! Freeing the teaching members of the team to do what they have been trained for and do best lead teaching & learning!

The Importance of the School Business Management Function

Heres the technical bit! I could use these initals at the end of my name but dont want to brag!

DipSBM (Diploma in School Business Management), Assoc CIPD (Associate of the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development), Tech IOSH (Technician of the Institute of Occupational Safety & Health)

I also have an enhanced DBS Clearance which is registered on the DBS Update Service

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