Andrew Blench - School Resource Management Advisor


School Business Partner was formed in September 2016 by Andrew Blench, the former School Business Manager of Dinnington High School in Rotherham.

We work with Head teachers, School Business Professionals, School Governors and Trustees to get the best possible outcome for young people.

We do this by providing a range of value for money school business management services.

Why don't you contact us to see how we can work together. 


Our strapline is Learn; Grow; Succeed

Learn - because that is why we are all here to -  facilitate a quality learning experience for young people. But its also an acknowledgement that this is a two way street and that we also as adults learn from our young people.

Grow - we witness our young people grow and want to provide a nurturing environment where they can reach their individual potential. We also believe that adults have the same potential for growth and encourage everyone to reach for the stars. We facilitate this through a committment to life long learning and coaching. G.R.O.W. is also a handy tool used by coaches and made famous by Professor Whitmore!

Succeed - we want to encourage everyone to define success on their own terms. We acknowledge that in the world of education for individual institutions a degree of this is defined by central government. But we don't believe that we should allow ourselves to be defined solely by the judgement of others. We encourage celebration of success and see this as a natural outcome of learning and growth.

Our Values in Action

We dont assume - that we know you or your school or trust. We take time to get to know you through asking questions, visiting school and examining data. 

We are transparent - if we cant help you we will say so and hopefully signpost you to someone who can. Hopefully we will be a good fit for each other, but if we arent then we will also say so. 

We will be flexible - we do have 'off the shelf'  solutions, but we are small enough to customise and respond to your unique needs.

We give back - each year we coach young people in goal setting and career aspirations. We give at least 10% of our profits to charity. Our current charity partner is 'Golddigger Trust'. A local charity providing wellbeing and self esteem services to schools and young people in South Yorkshire.

This year we are proud to sponsor the South Yorkshire School Business Leaders Network. We feel its important to do whatever we can to support the School Business Profession.

International Coaching Federation
Golddigger Trust
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