Marketing and Communications


As parents now have increased levels of choice in the schools they can send their children to,  the competition between schools to attract pupils can be intense. The reputation of a school can be made or broken overnight by an Ofsted Inspection Report or news story. How equipped is your school to respond to this environment?

We offer a range of services to help schools build consistency and resilience in their marketing and external communications.

  •  Editing and maintenance of social media and websites

  • Media Releases

  • Parent and Student Voice

  • Alumni Development

  • Business Links

  • Marketing and Communications Strategic Planning

  • Surveys and Focus Groups

A key feature of how a school markets itself and communicates is what is known as 'customer experience'. In other words what does it feel like to use the services that you offer to students, parents and the wider community. This is actually a hard thing for school staff to assess when they work in the environment day to day. Here is an article i wrote for School Business Manager Magazine which includes hints and tips on how to develop you welcome - Creating a more accessible, open and welcoming school environment

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