Neil Cook - Procurement Consultant, Catering & Facilities Management
I have worked closely with Andrew, in support of his objective to achieve 'best value' in both financial and quality terms for significant catering and cleaning contracts at Dinnington High School. I have always found him to be extremely focussed on maximising the benefit he can bring to pupils. His thoroughness and attention to detail have added significant benefit to both the tender projects and I have no hesitation in recommending him as an experienced and motivated Business Manager.

Lisa Gadd - Speakman, Trainee SBM

A short, ad hoc conversation about my aspirations led to Andrew Blench offering to be my mentor and I couldn’t be more grateful that he did.

He has been my steadfast guide throughout, offering support and encouragement at all times. Not being from or currently working in education deciding to study the Certificate in School Business Management was no small thing and I worried that to train in it would be difficult.

My worries were unfounded. He shows a genuine interest in my course work and projects, reading through drafts and offering his perspective.  Andrew’s openness to share knowledge, genuine enthusiasm for the role, encouragement and readiness to involve me in whole school areas has allowed me to grow my skills and develop within the core competencies, all by observing and connecting with a truly engaged professional.

Paul Blackwell​ - former Head Teacher Dinnington High School


'Andrew is a highly skilled and professional Business Manager. Throughout the six years that he was a member of the Senior Leadership Team, that I led, he demonstrated his creativity, clarity of thought, ability to see the big picture and pay attention to the smallest detail, daily. 

His financial planning and forecasting skills are outstanding. He is an excellent team leader, understanding the need to professionally develop as well as challenge staff to ensure that they achieve the highest standards. He is dedicated, honest and completely trustworthy, understanding the importance of the areas under his direct control, setting out a clear vision and following through to ensure they become a reality.  He understands completely the balance required in terms of gaining value for money and attaining educational improvement. He would be an asset to any school.'

Myriam Madigan - Forest Bathing Guide and Life Coach at Live In The Light


"I can highly recommend Andrew; he is a great person to work with. He is warm, welcoming, friendly, kind, helpful and encouraging. He is a great listener, has a relaxed style and asks pertinent questions. He is also humourous and is able to share fun and appropriate anecdotes from his own life. He also has a great wealth and depth of knowledge and experience. The two best tests of a good coach are; firstly, I looked forward to speaking with him each week and secondly, I would certainly work with him again. If I need to have a good brainstorm, get clarity or support on something, I feel very comfortable knowing that he is there and I know I will be welcomed."

Iryan Borovynska - Career and Business ACC coach, psychologist with managing experience in HR


"Andrew deepened into the problem and helped me to see it from the different angles. He also was very encouraging in searching for different variants of solving the problem. His ability to ask the right questions is fascinating. I was surprised by Andrew's ability to ask straightforward questions in a soft manner. It was provoking from one side, but from another, it worked very good for me, and it helped me to take the next steps ahead. I had good results in moving forward with my business issues during my work with Andrew. I saw tangible progress in my projects. I'm happy to recommend Andrew as a coach who will definitely help in moving forward with business issues. His life experience and working background make him engaged and inspiring professional."